260 Derrick Flat Road | Coffee Creek, CA 96091 | 530.266.3358

Welcome to The

Coffee Creek

Country Store

Open Every Day! 9AM - 8PM

Coffee Creek Country Store is a pillar of the North Lake community. It is a clean store with friendly and helpful staff and has a great variety of food and general items that save you from a longer trip to Weaverville & Redding.


"Coffee Creek is the northernmost community in Trinity County, and was a very rich mining center during the Great Gold Rush. Legend has it that a pack train loaded with coffee for the gold fields was washed away in a torrential flood, hence the name "Coffee Creek." Others contend that the normally crystal clear waters were colored a deep rich coffee color by the spring runoff. Either way, today Coffee Creek is a community in a spectacular mountain setting. You can get a meal here, and a tank of gas for the 39-mile trip over Scotts Mountain toward Interstate 5.

Coffee Creek village is the gateway to the Trinity Alps wilderness area. In the late 1800s when gold rush fever struck and the Wintu Indians had essentially vanished, this area was a temporary home to more than 1,000 gold miners. As a young engineer, Herbert Hoover stayed in Coffee Creek at the Carrville Inn, a stagecoachbaiting stop along the California Oregon trail.

Twenty miles up Coffee Creek Road at Big Flat Meadow, a settlement of about 1,500 gold miners and support people lived in a tent city. The tales of severalpound gold nuggets are just part of the story lore that locals continue to pass along. Every year, people still spend time in the streams sluicing and panning for gold. If anyone has made a significant find he or she is keeping very quiet.

In more modern times, hikers, fishermen, and hunters travel into the wilderness area to visit many of the more than 450 Alpine lakes. Many of the lakes are stocked with Brookies and, some say, Golden trout. Coffee Creek flows out of the Alps and is home to Rainbows, Brookies, and Brown trout. Deer, mountain lion, and bear are common inhabitants. The Coffee Creek area offers a great variety for bird watchers."